Denkriesen tippsy - The Iconic Drinking Party Game - waterproof - Klattschen (englisch) (+)

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Probably the best and funniest party drinking game ever!

You are stuck on a boring party? Not with THAT game!
"tippsy" is the perfect way to have a boozy and unforgetable (or forgetable) party with your friends. It consists of 57 cards with 23 different orders and funny tasks. Who can´t perfom them or make any mistakes while performing, has to drink (ingame called "tippsy")! All player must respect the three golden rules:

 + Never us the word "drink" (or drinking, drunk etc.)
 + You must drink with your lefst hand (or right if you are lefthanded)
 + It´s not allowed to curse or scold

You know what happend whenever you brake the rule? Right - you "drink".. ah.. "damn"... oh no... I go and have two drinks!


 + Age: 18+ years 
 + Players: 2+
 + Time: about 35min (or as long as you are sober) ;-)
 + 100% waterproof - the high-quality plastic cards protect against spilled drinks
 + 100% tearproof - the high-quality plastic cards are very tough and durable
 + Don´t Drink and Drive!


 + 57 waterproofed "tippsy" cards
 + 1 rule

Für Kinder unter 3 Jahren nicht geeignet. Erstickungsgefahr, da kleine Teile verschluckt oder eingeatmet werden können.

Alter: 16+ Jahre
Kategorie: Deduktions-, Gruppen- und Partyspiele
Solo spielbar: nein
Spieleranzahl: bis 9 und mehr

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